Tea Traditions from Around The World - Ceylon Tea

Tea Traditions from Around The World

Every country in the world loves a good cup of tea, which is probably why they have developed unique styles of enjoying it. Have you ever tried one of these brew-takes on the classic cuppa?


Morocco – served in three rounds, each with a slightly different flavour, the drink is a blend of mint, green tea and lots of sugar. You cannot refuse any of the servings, unless you want to offend your host.


Tibet – would you like some butter and salt with your tea? That’s how Tibet does it. Black tea is mixed in with yak butter, milk and salt because the locals believe that it is soothing to have at such high altitudes.


China – Cha Yen or Thai iced tea is a sweet and spicy concoction with some serious calories and is made with Assam tea, sugar and condensed milk blended in with spices such as anise, orange blossom and tamarind that is poured over ice into a tall glass. Yum.


Pakistan – Say hello to Noon Chai, an exquisite blend of pistachio, milk, almond, salt, cinnamon, cardamom and some star anise. It is pink in colour and is always served along with some snacks.

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