Creative Ways to use Tea in your Cooking

If you’re looking for some unique ways to spice up your favorite dishes, look no further than your tea box! Tea adds a distinctive flavour to any preparation whether sweet or savoury; here’s some fun things to try:

  • If your recipe uses water, try using strongly brewed tea instead – cookies, breads, soups, marinades and stews are just some ideas where you could use this
  • Create your own unique dry rub for meats by adding ground black or green tea leaves into the mix. You can even use whole tea leaves as herbs.
  • Steaming rice and veggies with green or black tea leaves adds both a deliciously light flavour and fragrance
  • Add your favourite tea leaves to a smoker the next time you’re making smoked veggies or salmon. The tea leaves release their aroma as they burn and infuse some great flavours
  • Steep tea in hot milk for an hour or two before using in recipes like ice cream, custard and pudding
  • Freeze brewed tea into ice cubes and use them as substitutes in smoothie recipes. Make sure to use a robust brew so that the tea stands out against any strong flavours.

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