Bizarre Teas that You Didn’t Know About - Ceylon Tea

Bizarre Teas that You Didn’t Know About

Tea is interesting. Tea is dynamic. Tea is high-end and humble at the same time – but can it ever be bizarre? See if you would ever try one of these strange tea concoctions.


Dry Ice Bubble Tea

This isn’t just bizarre it can even be fatal. Cafes in Beijing sell dry ice bubble tea that is served with a wide straw as it needs to be sipped and not slurped. You’d have to be incredibly brave to try this one out.


Garlic Tea

Who likes to eat raw garlic? It’s a bit of an acquired taste anyway. However this garlic tea is exactly that; raw garlic in hot water steeped and enjoyed piping hot. It has been said that it could possibly help with burning excess fat, which could explain why anybody would want to drink this pungent tea.


Awa Bancha

Fermented with lactic acid in the Shikoku Island of Japan, it is taken in regularly as a drink in the country. The methods of processing makes this tea rather exclusive. It has slight resemblances to Laphet which is a pickled tea leaf eaten as a condiment in Myanmar.

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