‘Ceylon Black Tea’ rich in “Theaflavins” conducts its very first successful E-auction - Ceylon Tea

‘Ceylon Black Tea’ rich in “Theaflavins” conducts its very first successful E-auction

“CEYLON TEA” producing some of the most coveted teas in the world for more than 150 years, has reached its peak demand while making a milestone at the Colombo Tea Auction this week.

As a much -needed change in the industry’s old traditions, Ceylon Tea conducted its first e-platform auction prompted by COVID 19 ‘Social distancing’ stringent health precautions adopted by the Island. The very successful auction via an online platform was concluded on a promising note in Colombo for its ‘high grown’ Teas, while registering as the highest ever in its history.

One of the main factors for such high demand could be attributed to the hypothesis developed by scientists that content of “Theaflavins” in black tea ‘could potentially inhibit a critical SARS-CoV- 2 enzyme, and thereby, theoretically increase the human immunity against COVID-19, tea industry sources revealed.

The Tea Research Institute of Sri Lanka (TRI) has conducted a study where “Theaflavins” an antioxidant polyphenols in Black Tea has been found to help control and flush the Virus from the system.

The TRI has recently released a scientific paper under the theme: ‘Anti-viral’ properties of tea – black tea may become the unique brew of choice with no side effects to fight against Corona Virus?”. This research quoted a study from Taiwan where the chemical structure of 64 compounds had been bioinformatically modelled against SARS-CoV- 2.

In contrast to Green Tea, Black Tea is rich in Theaflavins (antioxidant polyphenols that are formed during manufacture of Black Tea). It also alleviates respiratory diseases and opens air passages in the lungs making it easier to breathe.

The scientists at the Sri Lanka Tea Board Laboratory suggest that frequent consumption of hot black tea (03 to 04 cups without sugar or milk) and inhaling its fumes is capable of flushing viruses trapped in the throat and nasal area, improving immune capacity and inhibiting inflammation due to Catechins and Polyphenols contained in Black Tea.

It is to be noted that Black Tea is neither a medically proven prophylaxis nor a treatment against COVID-19, but it is worth conducting further research.

During this Pandemic, Ceylon Tea has now seen a Silver lining for its industry and way forward.

(Courtesy Sri Lanka Tea Board- 04/04/20)

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