Resilient Ceylon Tea is ready to cater to the world - Ceylon Tea

Resilient Ceylon Tea is ready to cater to the world

“Sri Lankan Tea Industry showed remarkable resilience and ingenuity to bounce back rapidly from the national shut down to combat ‘Covid-19’.

In a matter of six days, Sri Lankan stakeholders built from scratch, operated and concluded trading ‘Ceylon Tea’ at the Colombo auction on a digital platform.

It is noteworthy to see the trickledown effect spanning the entire supply chain. The e-trade has created ‘hope’, especially for the Tea farmers who depend on their daily wages. Regional Plantation Companies and smallholders are able to conduct business and provide work despite the current circumstance. Crops are being harvested without compromise on quality and factories are functional strictly following the stringent precautionary measures stipulated by the health authorities.

This has let the exporters to commence shipments with available resources and work flat-out to meet the increasing demand for Ceylon Tea.

The Tea Industry has shown its ability to deal with challenges during periods of global crises and has never let down its discerning customers nor the hands that supports the industry itself.

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