The Government will shortly be kicking off Ceylon Black Tea campaign with the Lion logo - Ceylon Tea

The Government will shortly be kicking off Ceylon Black Tea campaign with the Lion logo

The Government will shortly be kicking off Ceylon Black Tea campaign with the Lion logo targeting 12 countries such as Russia Ukraine, Japan, China, middle eastern countries Australia etc.
The campaign will target special attention among the young generation creating awareness Ceylon Tea comes from Sri Lanka and its logo is Lion logoUsing digital and social media, web posts Vedic clippings etc, We are also using KOL (key opinion leaders) and influencers and few celebrities, Sri Lanka Tea Board Chairman Jayampathy Molligoda told Daily News Finance yesterday.
“The policy of the Sri Lanka tea industry is to encourage value addition. However, the share of Ceylon Tea exports representing the consumer packs segment up to 03Kgs has been stagnating around 40% for the past several decades. Therefore, promoting the export of branded consumer packs from Sri Lanka is the way forward to achieve this goal. Whilst strengthening the “Nation Brand Visibility” for Ceylon Tea, providing support to the Sri Lankan own brands to reinforce themselves solidly in the consumer markets will be a prime goal,” he said.
Tea is no longer viewed as a routine beverage but instead it’s an experience. The positive trend that needs to be properly understood is the underlining fact that tea consumption is not declining but it’s changing, he said.
Time is opportune to promote ‘Ceylon Tea’ based on its unique selling propositions (USPs) going beyond ‘country of origin’, such as the sustainability credentials, traceability of the supply chain, wellness factors, rich heritage and premium price of Ceylon Tea. Further, the ample opportunities for employment creation by the tea industry will also support the global marketing effort under the inclusive growth model of our tea industry.
A revitalization of the image of Ceylon Tea and vigorous promotion of Sri Lanka owned brands through a Business to Business (B to B) and Business to Consumer (B to C) Global Promotion Campaign appears to be the need of the hour, he said.Although tea consuming countries are severely affected due to the Corona outbreak, it is expected that our exporter in Sri Lanka may be able to secure orders due to the above positive features associated with the Ceylon Tea. “Ceylon Tea could fetch higher prices compared to teas from other producing countries based on the above sustainable credentials, although the cost structure and productivity levels are totally disproportionate to make the industry viable, especially the producers in the short term. Thus, a strong brand promotional incentive scheme is concurrently lined up for 2021-22”, he remarked.

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