Sri Lanka Tea Board Introduced a Ceylon Tea Dyed Face Masks for the First Time in Sri Lanka. - Ceylon Tea

Sri Lanka Tea Board Introduced a Ceylon Tea Dyed Face Masks for the First Time in Sri Lanka.

Having the objective of increasing the awareness level on Ceylon Tea as a global brand, Sri Lanka Tea Board has started distributing Ceylon Tea branded face mask among the business community worldwide on complimentary basis. With the collaboration of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, arrangements have been made by Sri Lanka Tea Board to dispatch Ceylon Tea Branded face masks to over seventy five (75) Sri Lankan missions around the world.

The specialty of Ceylon Tea branded face mask is that it has been dyed with the use of Ceylon Tea Dye which is a by-product of Ice Tea manufacturing. Re-usability over thirty (30) times washes, Natural antimicrobial (AATCC 100), Bio-degradable, eco-friendliness and non-toxicity are additional benefits of using the above innovative masks.

The responsibility of distributing face masks to the end consumer of Ceylon Tea has been taken by the Sri Lankan missions overseas. Tea Associations, Tea Restaurants, International Exhibitions, Metro Stations, Government and Private Business Stake-holders, Tea Distributors, World Class Supermarket Chains and other public places such as Bandaranayake International Airport and Maththala International Airport have been targeted to distribute face masks.

Mr. Jayampathi Molligoda, Chairman of Sri Lanka Tea Board symbolically handed over the first batch of Ceylon Tea Branded face masks from the first lot of production to, Admiral Prof. Jayanath Colombage- Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Relations on 29th September 2020. Mr. Kaandeepan Bala- Director General, Ministry of Foreign Relations, Ms. Pavithri Peiris – Director Promotion, Sri Lanka Tea Board and Mr. Gayan Samaraweera- Market Promotion Officer, Sri Lanka Tea Board were also present.

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