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Tea Traditions from Around The World

Every country in the world loves a good cup of tea, which is probably why they have developed unique styles of enjoying it. Have you ever tried one of these brew-takes on the classic cuppa?   Morocco – served in three rounds, each with a slightly different flavour, the drink is a blend of mint, green…

Creative Ways to use Tea in your Cooking

If you’re looking for some unique ways to spice up your favorite dishes, look no further than your tea box! Tea adds a distinctive flavour to any preparation whether sweet or savoury; here’s some fun things to try: If your recipe uses water, try using strongly brewed tea instead – cookies, breads, soups, marinades and…

The Birth of Ceylon Tea

The early 1880s were a lean time in Ceylon. The colonial economy had been built almost entirely on the coffee enterprise, and when the enterprise collapsed, so did the economy. Plantations ‘up-country’ were sold for a song, while in Colombo there were runs on the banks. Frantic experiments with indigo and cinchona came to naught….