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Visit National Tea Award Winners to Singapore

Sri Lanka Tea Board has organized a visit to Singapore for the Award Winners of National Tea Awards Ceremony 2017 which was held in December 2017 as part of the celebrations of 150th Anniversary of the Sri Lanka Tea Industry. The purpose of the tour was to honour the contributors who make the tea industry great: the tea pluckers, smallholders, factory officers etc.  

The delegation was led by Mr. Pethiyagoda, Chairman, Sri Lanka Tea Board from 7th to 10th March 2018 and accompanied by Mr. Roshan Rajadurai, Chairman, Planter’s Association. Mr.M.D.Samarasingha - Assistant Director (Tea Tasting) and Ms.P.U.Manamperige - Statistical Officer of Sri Lanka Tea Board also joined the tour as coordinators.

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National Tea Award Winners who have been felicitated are:

Mr.A.M.D.D.Abhayasinghe Best Tea Smallholder National (Tea Land ¼ - 1 acres)
Mr.M.G.Chandrathilaka Best Tea Smallholder National (Tea Land 1- 5 acres)
Mr.H.P.N.Somarathna Best Tea Smallholder National (Tea Land 5- 10 acres)
Mr.J.P.A.Amaratunga Best Tea Smallholder Society (Halgolla Ekamuthu Tea Small Holder Society)
Ms.M.Sivagami Best Tea Plucker (Plantation National)